What have we been doing?


There’s a new post at the Open Source Theatre site, reflecting on our rehearsals so far. It was interesting to write; I hope it might be to read. Here are some of the words, in a different order:

be, the corporeal, don’t practise develop video astonishing said, create are the most itself, does), or To give have got Usually we from organically it emerges later in and is might emotionally, are I’ll is might through into back to out watched a this feel planning We’ll which audiences? equipment them want any in Soon is  performance devising or a all highly in the scenes describe avoiding At and we is what improvisation”, position, away our deeply, speech, or example, (the same firmly what was between way The reading which with the is is perform from lives. as the to (I diversity to to source what heightened, for my working stands, “final”).

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