Harry’s London Poetry Blowout Goodbye

Personal, Poetry

So I might be leaving this city for a while.

I’ve been taking an MA in Theatre Directing at East 15; that finishes at the end of the month, leaving me one MA richer and in a helluva lot of debt — I’ve basically mortgaged my future life on this degree, tethering myself to a few years of work and precious little leisure. And that means I can’t afford to stay in London unless I get a good job here — as in, one that’s not minimum wage, and that allows me to pursue my life in theatre-poetry-politics, rather than just treading water. So unless something magical happens, or unless one of the interviews I’ve got coming up for jobs in other cities gets me going, I’m going to be high-tailing it back to Scotland where it’s cheap on the 5th/6th June for a while ’til I figure things out. Breaks my heart to leave this huge, crazy, stimulating, exciting city — but I’ll be back. To live, in not too long, and for theatre-poetry-politics visits oh so regularly. As soon as I have a job.

BUT I’m not going to leave you unsatisfied. As well as the climax of the Haggle performance project, I’ll be doing four poetry gigs in one week all across London. It kicks off with a feature at Farrago (Europe’s longest running slam) near Soho next Thursday, then another at Fishbowl (multi-arts mini-fest) in Hoxton the day after, then a special emerging poets event at Keats House in Hampstead on Sunday, before rounding off, utterly breathless, at the new kid on the poetry block, Chill Pill in Bethnal Green. It’s going to be epic, exhausting, glorious. Looking forward to leaving London with a bang. See you somewhere along the way.

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