Dear Stranger (FOUND)


Found in the Forest Café, Edinburgh, 5/7/10


Dear Stranger,

Don’t get disheartened. In this world of constant competition and greed, it’s pretty easy to go flying off the rails if you don’t stay optimistic. Here’s a few things to remember that might help:

– The world is full of really kind people. They might not seem it on the surface of things, but just talk to them and you’ll see!

– Nothing lasts forever!

– Everyone makes really stupid mistakes!

– You are beautiful in one way or another. Hollywood stereotypes of glamour are hollow and vacuous, they are not true beauty.

I’m sure you can think of plenty others!

Love from a complete and utter random. XXX

A part of me reacts with cynicism at the presumtion the attempt to engineer a FOUND Magazine entry, the riding of the meme wave of pseudo-randomness, the fruitless desire to create spontaneity in a culture of monotony.

But the far greater part of me is warmed, charmed and comforted.

Is there an equivalent of found objects on the internet? Detritus left in caches and site archives, left by accident, or deliberately, in a hidden corner, to delight the iFlaneur?

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