Footage from Inky Fingers


Much of my poetry time in Edinburgh is now being spent organising Inky Fingers, an event series focussing on writer development. We’re holding Open Mics and Writers’ Groups, and are building up to some funky things in the new year. It’s exhilarating organising poetry events: I’m constantly buzzing with ideas, and the thrill of other people’s writing. And it is, of course, the best way of meeting poets.

We’ve had a stunning reception for Inky Fingers: packed and regular audiences, a certainly amount of talk around town, a rousing welcome, a genuine feeling of having arrived. I’m proud of what we’ve started, and very much looking forward to the future.

Thanks are due to Chris Donia for this handsome footage of the second installment of the Inky Fingers Open Mic:

Gavin Inglis performing a story:

More video is available here, and Chris’s beautiful photos, featuring most performers (including your humble MC) here.

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