Pomes Wot I Liek #2


Looks like this might become an irregular feature. Thanks to Caroline Crew for introducing me to a whole bunch of e-zines.

Cynthia Marie Hoffman: A Labour of Moles [How a Poem Happens] (freaky historical-fantastical narrative of birth. like the unusual voice and metaphorical weight of the subject.)

Wayne Miller: Post-Elegy [Poetry Daily] (extended metaphor ftw. sparse, accurate language.)

Rachel McKibbens: Seducing the Magician [La Petite Zine] (scary + sexy = yum. last line knocked me out.)

Scott Hammer: 9 [La Petite Zine] (don’t fully grasp it, but it made me nearly cry)

Dave Lucas: Lexicon [Poetry Daily] (absolute treasure trove of linguistic figures and images. want to plunder but can’t.)

Mike White: Love [Poetry Daily] (am of course a fan of minimal forms. very clear but also with astonishing depth, like a blue hole, like love.)

Leslie Seldin: Reading the Tells [Sixth Finch] (not actually keen on that zine issue: overdose of self-conscious non-sequiteur and American glibness. but this one a winner despite that.)

Kim Addonizio: Onset [Poetry] (a complicated feeling expressed beautifully. = what poetry is (often).)

Jim Daniels: Ode to the Reel Mower [Poetry Daily] (funny and magical. reminded me of Japanese comic verse sequences.)

Tom Daley: My Mother Speaks to Me on the Morning of her Cremation [poemelon] (again something missing overall from this journal issue. but this poem packed too much punch and hurt to ignore.)

Matt Shoard: Pret a Manger [3am] (find 3am poems a bit loose and undercooked generally, but this grabbed me with a laugh and held me with a mystery)

Leslie Seldin: Don’t go right away [failbetter] (o my a prose poem! absurd fable with gorgeous tones.)

Kerrin McCadden: The Domino’s Pizza Gorilla [failbetter] (am a sucker for a good story in a poem. and a funny one! and a sad one.)

Zach Buscher: Pillow Talk [la petite zine] (someone is sexing my ear! makes its subject lucid and alive, like all the best “nonsense” poetry.)

Sherman Alexie: Hey, Universe[Front Porch] (great rhymes. lots of impact for something so short and simple.)

James Valvis: Poem Composed Entirely with Last Lines in David Lehman Poems [Front Porch] (i do not know this david lehman should i? either way neat concept neatly executed)

Jessica Abrego: They are Trying to Tell Us About the American Womb: To the Beats [Pank] (sums up how i feel about the beats too and must be great in performance)

Heather Phillipson: German Phenomenology Makes Me Want to Strip and Run through North London [Magma](yup been there.)

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