Things I’m doing with my life right now:

Personal, Rambles

writing poems,
recording an EP,
and editing a book;

working as Environment Officer at Festivals Edinburgh,
as Venue Manager at the Forest Café,
and as Youth Theatre Director at Horsecross Perth;

running Inky Fingers, a live lit event series,
and Open Source Theatre, an irregular interactive theatre company;

with all of the above producing multiple
daily weekly monthly;

and also occasionally
watching TV,
tweeting and stuff,
listening to music,
trying to keep a co-operative house alive,
not sleeping,
being an attentive lover
or trying to,
reading the news,
preparing food (infrequently)
and attending to other bodily functions,

ai ai aiee;
I’ve probably forgotten some important stuff;

I don’t understand how I can keep abreast
of all this stuff!
how anyone can!
how we can all do so much!
and how there is so, so much to do in this world!

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