Shows! — A list of what I’m up to

Events, Poetry, Theatre

A glance at my diary for the next month filled me with an all-too-familiar mix of excitement and dread. I’ve got myself lined up for a lot of events. Seeing as I’m putting so much effort into throwing myself onto various stages, I thought it’d be a good idea to put them all in one place. Here’s the full run-down:

Wednesday 18th April: This is not a riot. @ On the Rocks

The last Scottish outing of my interactive theatre project about protest and violence. Come June I’ll have been working on this project for nearly a year, so it’s nice to be rounding it off with a trip to St Andrews, the town where I first directed a show. That said, I’ve promised to keep doing the project until riots stop needing to happen, so it might be around for a while.

Friday 20th April: ANATOMY @ Summerhall

ANATOMY is a night of new performance and film I’m running at Summerhall, a new venue for Edinburgh. We’re hoping it’ll bring to Edinburgh some of the cutting edge new work, some of the avant-garde that we really aren’t seeing in the city at the moment. The general aim is for every audience member to be delighted to the core by at least one piece, to virulently hate another, and for those pieces to be different for every person.

Tuesday 24th April: Inky Fingers @ The Third Door

Inky Fingers is a spoken word and workshop event series I founded and help run. We’re the last Tuesday of every month, and are always diverse and surprising. I really believe in open mic, and am glad to be part of something that encourages so many people to take the stage — and pays some of our top spoken word talent to do feature sets.

Wednesday 2nd May: Tenred @ The Persevere

By strange chance I gave the first set at the firist ever Tenred in a rather impromptu way — I’m glad to be coming back to do a full feature and to debut some new material at a really quality new night. Tenred is run by Red Squirrel Press, and is doing a great job of featuring new talent alongside stalwarts, performance poets alongside page poets, and gathering a great crowd every time.

7th – 19th May: CLASS ACT @ Ovalhouse

This is so new I don’t have a page for it yet. I’ve been commissioned by the Ovalhouse to put together a new interactive performance project about class. I’ve got a two week residency and three nights of performance, and a whole bunch of ideas to pull together pretty quickly. Stay tuned!

The last thing is months off, but I thought I’d include it anyway:

6th – 11th July: CrisisArt Festival

I’ve been invited to participate in this collaborative festival of political art in Tuscany. It’ll be my first time performing overseas, another of my first big residencies, and a totally amazing-looking process to be part of. Very exciting indeed.

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