What It Is

All of @realDonaldTrump’s tweets from February 2017, with proper nouns replaced by “Robert Pattinson”, formatted as a pamphlet of bastard sonnets. Offered as pdf ebook, audiobook, and twine hypertext. Also as a limited edition of 50 hand-numbered, signed hi-gloss chapbooks with free download code.

With thanks to Andrew Blair for the prompt, the occasion, and the introduction to the rhythmic pleasures of saying “Robert Pattinson” over and over again.

Artist Guff I Wrote For A Prize Entry

The collage and quotation techniques of modernist poetry expanded into hypertext where they become universal and banal. Trump/Pattinson collapses the quotidian quotations of hypertext back into fixed formal verse, taking the intertextuality-by-design of Twitter and removing all links and references.

Meanwhile, as modernist fiction champions the stream of consciousness, hypertext has turned all sociality into an infinitely-unfolding literary stream. Trump/Pattinson removes the most globally-significant stream of consciousness (@realDonaldTrump’s Twitter feed) from its sociopolitical context, made atemporal through erasing timestamps and breaks, and apolitical through replacing each proper noun with the empty pop signifier of Robert Pattinson. Again, the material reality of postmodernity is reduced to the literary aesthetics of modernism.

But there is one major anti-modernist departure. Whereas many modernist artists rejected pop culture for a high-culture fascism, here fascism finds life through pop culture and reality TV, and on that ground Trump/Pattinson prepares to fight.


Trump/Pattinson is 27 sonnets, available as a print/pdf pamphlet, audio recording and hypertext file.

trumppattinson.pdf may be read on screen or printed.

trumppattinson.html may be opened in any browser. When housed in the directory TrumpPattinson with the 27 mp3s an audio component is provided.

The 27 mp3s, tp11hi.mp3 – tp44hi.mp3, may be listened to in any order, in sequence or in parallel.

Purchase Info

Buy the digital edition here for £3 or more.

Buy the print editon (limited to 50, hand-numbered and signed, with download code, hi-gloss paper) for £5 or more including postage to anywhere by clicking the Paypal button below.

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