• Saltire Prize for Best Collection: Shortlist (2019)
  • Forward Prize for Best First Collection: Shortlist (2016)
  • Edwin Morgan Poetry Award: Shortlist (2014 and 2016)
  • IdeasTap National Poetry Competition: 1st Place (2012)
  • BBC Radio 4 Scotland Slam, 1st Place (2009)


Deep Wheel Orcadia
poetry and music – outer space, islands, language
November 2018: scratch performed at Oy Festival, Papa Westray
August 2022: full show performed at Edinburgh International Book Festival

Publication, multimedia spoken word – violence, globalisation, anxiety, work
March 2015: First performed at Buzzcut, Glasgow
August 2015: Short run at the Edinburgh Fringe
September 2015: Scottish Storytelling Centre
August 2016: Edinburgh International Book Festival
November 2016: Shoreditch Town Hall
April-June 2019: Tron Theatre, Glasgow; Camden People’s Theatre, London; Sound Archive, Kirkwall; Gable End, Hoy; Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
August 2019: Summerhall, Edinburgh Fringe, Made in Scotland Showcase.
November 2019: Verb Festival, Wellington; Basement Theatre, Auckland.

Six Pennies for Paradise
Live game – public play, utopia, magical thinking
May 2016: Commissioned by Now Play This

Everything I Bought and How It Made Me Feel
Endurance writing blog, performance lecture – consumerism, anxiety, data collection
September 2014: Scratch produced by NTI Latvia
March 2015: Full show premiere at Sprint, CPT, London
June 2015: 2 Degrees Festival, London
February – March 2016: UK Tour: HUB, Leeds; Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield, University of Edinburgh; Glad Café, Glasgow; Stage 3 at Northern Stage, Newcastle
April 2018: The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Funding A Ritual
Publication, performance score, live ritual – money, the arts industry, magical thinking
November 2015: Inaugural performance commissioned for Catalyst programme
February 2016: Text performed for Resonance FM fundraiser, London

One-to-one, public intervention, live ritual – rage, urban design, catharsis
October 2014: Inaugural perforance at Arches LIVE, Glasgow;
November 2015: Beta Public, London

Multimedia spoken word, ritual performance – madness, bondage, psychiatric violence
July 2014: Scratch performance, BARK, Edinburgh

I Want to Blow Up the Palace of Holyroodhouse
Performance research project, talk, live explosion – rage, free speech, terrorism, political art
October 2013– April 2014: Live research sessions at the Forest Café, Buzzcut Glasgow and  Sprint London
November 2014: Talk and final explosion at SPILL National Platform, Ipswich

What We Owe
One-to-one – debt, money, ecopolitics
October 2012: Arches LIVE, Glasgow
June 2013: 2 Degrees, London
August 2013: Forest Fringe, Edinburgh
November 2013: NTI Latvia
March 2014: Sprint, London
May 2014: Bunker Slovenia

Class Act
Live game, performance lecture – class war, money, public play
May 2012: Ovalhouse Seed Commission
December 2012: Hatch, Nottingham
March 2013: Sprint, London; Buzzcut, Glasgow
November 2014: Dialogue Festival, London

Old Things and Odds & Ends
All I Want for Christmas is the Downfall of Globalised Late Capitalism, Forest Fringe (August 2014); A Room Of One’s Own & Tilting at Windbags (Whisper Down the Mountain, Edinburgh, June 2014); Tax Return, Forest Café, Edinburgh (January 2014); A Game of Many Stories, Scottish Book Trust (December 2012); SAFEWORD, Glasgay! (October 2012); A Party for the Socially Awkward, Edinburgh (May 2012); This is not a riot, The Yard, Buzzcut, Banshee Labyrinth, CrisisArt Tuscany (October 2011 – June 2012); PROPERTY&THEFT, Tollcross Community Centre, the Glue Factory (March 2011)


Individual Poems

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