My Stupid Performance March

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Being a freelance artist means sending a lot of applications off, and it means rarely being able to say no when they come up trumps. This sometimes leads to trying to do a stupid amount of stuff in a short space of time. I’m about to embark on the busiest month of performance of my life, doing six completely different shows during March, in four different cities, sometimes on the same day. It’d be nice to see you at one of them.

On March 5th I’m over in Glasgow for Arches Scratch with SAFEWORD, a series of theatrical experiments about consent I’m noodling about with. You can read about a previous experiment here; this one will be completely different, but will probably also involve a whip.

Later that week, on March 8th I’m doing a full set at StAnza, Scotland’s international poetry festival. I’m hugely delighted to be there: it’s a wonderful event, and a real honour to be performing there, especially with my frequent co-conspirator Rachel McCrum.

That night, I’m whizzing back to Edinburgh for Anatomy, a quarterly live art music hall event I co-curate at Summerhall. I’ll be hosting, all bleary-eyed and poetical; we’ve got a brilliant line-up of film-makers, dancers, pianists, boylesques, poets and allsorts.

The next week, from March 14th – 20th, I’ll be performing What We Owe at Rogue’s Galleries in Chester. This is lovely festival is taking over a series of empty shops in the town centre; I’ll be offering a version of the debt counselling service last seen at Arches LIVE, which you can see a video of here. As it’s a week-long showing, I’m looking forward to building ongoing documentation of the debts of the people of Chester and how we work out how to pay them back.

Immediately following, on March 21st, I’m bouncing down to London to perform Class Act at the Sprint Festival. I developed the show at the Ovalhouse last year, so it’s lovely to be back in London with it, especially in a festival with such a fantastic line-up, including Chris Goode, Coney, Dirty Market and more. I’m just sad I won’t get to see more of it!

Then for March 25th I’m bouncing back up the East Coast to Edinburgh for Whisper Down the Mountain. This is a tasty performance art exchange project, where artists from New York will be performing new pieces by artists from Edinburgh, and vice versa. I’ll be doing something feminist with duct tape at Inverleith House, while someone in New York is going to be running, to my delight, a version of my Tilting at Windbags Trump-baiting project.

Then I’m nearly done. I get a breather for a few days, and then it’s back to Glasgow on March 29th for the glorious Buzzcut Festival, where I’ll be doing another version of Class Act, alongside enjoying everything else that’s on offer. Like Sprint, it’s a fantastic and varied showcase, with big names alongside wee bletherskites like me.

I am not intending to do much in April. But you never know.

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