What We Owe: Cambridge, Saturday 18th May


Trapped in a maze of final demands from which you may never escape? Pestered by obligations to friends, family and the television? Cowering under the weight of your debts? “What We Owe” is the self-help seminar slash revolutionary conspiracy FOR YOU.

Together we will learn about the social history of debt, share our own debtors’ stories, complete a full personal debt audit, and begin to develop a colour-coded action plan to get you out of the red. We aim for you to come out of the day understanding better what it is you really owe, and ready to take actions radical and mundane to begin clearing your balance.

Harry Giles is a performance-maker based in Edinburgh. He has no qualifications what so ever to counsel your debts, apart from having plenty of them himself.

Junction University is a new initiative of Cambridge Junction, offering short artist-led courses, workshops and experiences for the public exploring the intersection of art and life. There’s a wide variety of unusual courses across a broad range of topics, all offered free!

Places are limited, so early booking is advised.



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