Aye But @ National Collective

Poetry, Politics

I’ve a wee thing up now at National Collective, the artists’ faction of the Scottish independence campaign. It’s taken me a long time to get my thoughts properly together on independence, and the only conclusion I could reach was that it wasn’t possible to reach one coherent conclusion. The piece (it might be a poem) is one long plea for a wider, more important debate about what Scotland is and what it’s for.

Aye, but hit’s no as if Scotland wis a nation foondit on onything ither than imperialism n conquest.
Aye, but hit’s no as if gin ye stamp oot the thistles onything ither will growe in thair steid.
Aye, but hit’s no as if aw this wurds n leids for “Scotland” are orbitin onything ither than a gapin black hole, n the anely thing gaun for that singularity is that hit haesna spewit oot as muckle sharn as “Britain” yet.
Aye, but Yes Scotland have gat a haund haudin a bonsai tree on thair website n that gies me the teemin bowk.
Aye, but a resistans foondit on nationalism is an alienatit resistans (cheers Tom).
Aye, but nationalism is empie.
Aye, but patriotism is for scoundrels.
Aye, but fer aw that n aw that (facepaum) votin for a different state daesna equal votin for self-determination
Aye but independens is no the reid peel.

Read the full piece here.

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