All I Want For Christmas Is The Downfall Of Globalised Late Capitalism


A badly edited green background, on which stands an elven fist clutching a candy cane as a revolutionary gesture.

An art thing about hope and imagination and rage and silliness and form-filling and occupying the embodied aesthetics of late capitalism as a means of resistance (a series of words which describes most of what I do) for Buzzcut @ Forest Fringe and for you, dear ones, and for you.

Santa is tired of capitalism and is offering to bring about its downfall through the plan of one lucky little child. Join in this very special letter-writing competition and change the world!!


15th Aug 2014: Santa accepting revolutionary letters all day
17th Aug 2014: All revolutionary plans uploaded to Facebook; voting opens
24th Aug 2014: Voting closes; most liked revolutionary plan is identified
1st Oct 2014: Five pound budget has been spent; revolution underway
25th Dec 2014: Downfall of globalised late capitalism achieved
1st Jan 2015: A happy new year will be had by all


1. Please complete the form attached below to the best of your ability. It should take no longer than five minutes. You will be asked to define what you would like to replace globalised late capitalism with, how quickly you want this to happen, what revolutionary tactics you would like to use, and how you will spend the five pound revolutionary budget.

2. Please include contact details. If you include your Facebook name it will be easier for you to find your plan and vote. If you include your email we will notify you of project updates.

3. Submit the form to Santa’s Elf at by midnight on Friday 15th August.

4. All plans will be uploaded by Santa to and shared. We would ask you to help promote any plans, including yours, that you particularly like. Voting will last a week. By the end of the week, the plan with the most likes will be actioned by Santa and his elves.


a) Please do not fill out this form if you do not want to bring about the downfall of globalised late capitalism. Santa only brings presents to good little girls, boys and genderqueers.

b) Santa regrets that he is a culturally specific social construct. Please contact the elves for a version of this form specific to your creed or culture. Alternatively, delete all offensive references and replace them with the solstice-based custom of your choice.


The Fancy Christmas Font Version – a pdf, for printing, filling out by hand and scanning.

The Bland But Readable Font Version – a doc, for filling out on a computer and for readability


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