SMASHY SMASHY: A City Destroyed



A city of cardboard and glue and glitter! A city of every building you hate! A city that you can destroy!

This is a participatory installation jumping-up-and-down sparkleshow about anger and urban planning. Together we build the worst city in the world and ritually destroy it as though we were children again. Maybe we are. In the face of sprawling regeneration, stunt architecture, entertainment megacomplexes and luxury housing, we will howl our loss through a plasticine pummelling and build a new city in a scream.


Presented at Arches Live 2014

View each photo to see why its maker chose to recreate each building, and how they hoped to feel about destroying it.

Now watch the city be destroyed.

SMASHY SMASHY will return as part of I Want to Blow Up the Palace of Holyroodhouse at SPILL 2014.

And it will return again whenever there is a city that deserves glittery destruction and someone to pay travel and help gather cardboard.

(Additional photos licensed under Creative Commons from Mary Crandall, Oscar Palmer, fsse8info, Pedro Szekely, [Duncan], Nico Hogg, Jonathon Champton, trawets1, rockotter89, David B. Gleason, peperoni, subflux, Willie Angus)

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