Things I Made in 2020


Jan 22. Passed my viva & became a Doctor of Poems. Thesis embargoed but you can request it here or in DM:

Feb 12-16. Volunteered at Something Has to Happen, a festival by the Workers Theatre (a co-op I’m a founding Director of). Didn’t know at the time this would be the last live performance I’d see this year.…/

Mar 22. Published “I Woke Up and the Arts was Gone”, on the sudden, appalling effect of the pandemic on my sector. I’m scared to reread it now, seeing how much and how little has shifted.…/i-woke-up-and-the-arts…/

Apr 10. Released Guddle, an album of my collected poetry audio from the last decade. It’s strange listening back to this at a time when I’m working on my voice, but I’m still proud of the long work.

May 16. Gave a talk at Glasgow Zine Fest, “A Disobedient History of the Trans Novel”. I’m still working on getting the audio/video online, but you can see the slides here or DM me for access.…/16H23sEkOpq9ejxJ8bboy5W…/view

May 22. Produced “Leaves from the Bone Library”, a restrospective of Anatomy, the performance cabaret I founded that’s approaching a decade old! Anatomy is mothballed for the pandemic, which is one of many griefs right now.…/leaves-from-the-bone…/

Jun 3. Published “Them!”, a long poem, in Cambridge Literary Review 12. Part of a project of writing more personally and directly about my life and transition, and this is a poem about how impossible that is.…/read…/

Jun 11. Made a video of my poem “Some Definitions” for Queer Zine Library’s Behind the Zines series. My personal writing seems to come out as prose-poems? I don’t know if that’s the content, or just a reaction to spending last year heavy in lineated lyric.…/behind-the-zines…

Jun 16. I appeared on the Allusionist podcast, discussing my work on an LGBT+ Scots lexicon. Helen is a lovely and smart interviewer and I was really delighted to be on a favourite podcast and find new audiences that way too.

Jun 24. I released a new zine, “Scenes”, with my own Easter Road Press. It’s a memoir zine about being autistic and struggling to be friends.

Jul 14. Released “The Storyteller”, a game/workshop/story about neurodiversity and telling stories for RCS.

Jul 16. Made “Autodîneur” with Food Play Food, a generative instructional poem about playing with food. Written collaboratively entirely in lockdown (we had one in person meeting just as it was about to come in), working to bring joy into routine.

Jul 17. Wrote “In the Neighbourhood of Trans Care” for theFeminist Library zine. This is an essay about trans mutual aid before and during the pandemic, written at the height of hopefulness. Nearly a year in now, I have so much more to say!…/the-feminist-library-care…

August: I joined Die Gute Fabrik, a Copenhagen-based games studio, to work on a secret project. This has been a big shift in my life, but one I’m delighted by and learning as huge amount from. The team is a joy to work with.

Sep 2. I spoke on “Abolition in the UK”, a panel for Decriminalised Futures. Among much struggle and suffering and after much work, this year is seeing a surge in UK-specific abolitionist organising, and that’s a great thing to see. The video is online here:…/

Sep 10. Published ten “Abolish the Police” poems in Neu Reekie’s #UntitledThree.

Sep 28. I wrote “The Many Languages of Transfeminism” for Engender, a short primer on transfeminist history. Among so much else, it’s frustrating to me how little wider understanding of transfeminism there is, & I want to be aprt of changing that.…/f-words-the-many…/

Oct 6. I wrote “Janice” and published it with Hoax. The other focus of my poetry right now is processing the political crisis in which UK trans people are stuck. It’s so emotionally bombazing, poetry’s all I have for it now.…/harry-josephine…

Oct 8. I launched “Not Going Back to Normal”, co-curated with Sasha Saben Callaghan, a collectively-written disability arts manifesto gallery. It’s a privilege to bring this work into the world, and it’s had reach beyond all my expectations. Thank you.

Oct 22. My Lyceum Letters contribution was read by Emma Frankland for the Lyceum Theatre podcast. This letter combined my thinking in “In the Neighbourhood of Trans Care” & “I Woke Up and the Arts was Gone”, thinking on what mutual aid can teach the arts.…/emma-frankland-reads-harry…

Nov 1. Made a poetry video for James Yorkston’s Tae Sup, a lovely lockdown ceilidh providing some joys in the lengthening nights.

Nov 3. Performed a poem for the Big Scottish Book Club on BBC Scotland. My first television appearance! It was exhausting! And exciting! And strange! And I was very glad to do it.

Nov 22. Wrote “Why I’m Giving Up Political Art” for Chump Change, a zine curated by Aislinn Evans for LADA. A much angrier and bleaker perspective than my writing on arts funding in March. Download for free:…/products/chump-change

Nov 24. Published ten “Abolish the Police” poems in “We Want It All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics”.

Nov. Co-author on “Sex and Gender Equality Law and Policy”, an academic article on trans rights in law: It has, hilariously, made me one of the most-downloaded debut academics on SSRN. Here’s A blog about the limits of the process:…

Dec 15. Performed a new poem, “Hello ladies,” for Push the Boat Out. Hello new voice! I don’t know how I feel about you yet. I’m working to make you stronger and more flexible and I’m enjoying the scary and difficult learning.

Dec 22. Published “The Reasonable People” for myself and in my own way. There’s a lot that I’m hurting about this year, and which poetry is the only tool I have to speak about. I wish for better.…/the-reasonable…

Dec 23. Appeared on the Traverse Theatre podcast chatting about art and politics in the pandemic:…/episode-9-harry-josephine…

Dec 28. Published three “Abolish the Police” poems in the Verse Playlist.