The Games

games cover 2Published by Out-Spoken Press: Order Now
Launching September 29th 2018

The Games is a book of play with language. In Scots and English, it mucks about with sound poetry, found poetry, computer-generated poetry, dirty poetry and others ways to blur and bust the borders of genre. Its themes are ecology, power and sex: how can you have fun in a system that’s trying to take power away from you? The Games makes and breaks rules in an effort to live a full life in a full world.

UK Book Tour 2018


Praise for The Games

Shortlisted for the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award 2016

“Harry Giles is our smartest young poet. It’s good to see the Scottish traditions thriving – reinvented, challenged, and cropping up in unexpected places. They are savvy and funny too.”
—Kathleen Jamie

“This poetry disarms, barbs, takes risks. It is true poetry: vital, funny, humane, wrathful, pulsing and peculiar, in thevery best of ways.”
— Jenni Fagan

“Pure joy would be to stand, eyes closed, in the playground of Harry Giles’ mind.”
— William Letford

“Takes the idea of what poetry can do and gives it a good shake. And doing it with a great sense of fun as well.”—Steven Walling, Magma Poetry Reviews

Praise for Tonguit

Shortlisted for the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award 2014
and the Forward Foundation’s Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection 2016
A Scottish Review of Books Pick of the Year 2016


“An unusually adventurous and promising collection” — The Guardian

“Varied experiments amplify Giles’ ability to speak to the literati and the casual reader alike” — The London Magazine

“A thrilling mash-up of mongrel dialect and contemporary vernaculars, giving it inventiveness and freewheeling energy” — Causeway/ Cabhsair

“Tonguit is the best new collection of the year” — Eildon Tree

“Harry Giles’ impressive first collection shows every sign of a particularly Scottish alertness to language, political radicalism and intellectual play… Tonguit shows the sharpest new tongue in Scotland at its most seditious, lively and visionary best.” — WN Herbert


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