“Edinburgh is Sleepwalking into a Cultural Disaster” at Bright Green

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I’ve got quite a vitriolic post up at politics blog Bright Green today about Edinburgh’s independent venue closures. It’s a rant that’s been brewing for a while about our total lack of cultural leadership. Enjoy!

The litany has become terribly familiar: La Belle Angele, the Big Red Door, the Lot, the Roxy Arthouse, the Forest Café, and now Cabaret Voltaire and the Bongo Club. In the last decade, Edinburgh’s independent arts venues have been closed or threatened with closure, one by one. Each new loss has occurred for ostensibly different reasons – the Cowgate fire, the sequestration of the Edinburgh University Settlement, buy-out, lease termination – but the differences between the closures risk masking the importance of the trend. What’s happening doesn’t just present a tremendous risk to Edinburgh’s local arts culture, it also indicates a shameful lack of cultural leadership – the refusal of the property sector, local government or creative support organisations to step into the breach. This failure risks undermining everything that makes Edinburgh’s cultural sector so special and so valuable to the city.

Literary Website Project Seeks Lovely Web Developer


The Scrawling project is a highly ambitious five year plan to create a comprehensive online portal for Scotland’s writing community. Starting in Edinburgh and then franchising out to other regions of Scotland. We are seeking a dedicated web developer to assist with design and build of an attractive, functional, responsive website with maximum optimisation. Excellent communication and organisational skills are necessary. An interest in writing would be considered an advantage.

We would like help specifically in the first year of this project, but if you would if you’d like to stick around for longer that’s cool. We can’t pay you, but what you will gain is excellent CV material and the experience of working from the ground up with a creative, flexible, relaxed yet determined group of people who all share a like minded intent. We will write you references, we will shower you with love, we will tell people you are brilliant, we will buy you drinks, if you’re
very lucky we might even bake you a cake.

If interested, please email mairirrcampbelljack@gmail.com with Scrawling Forth Web Development in the title. Please tell us a bit about yourself and send us examples of recent work.