Launching My New Pamphlet, “Oam”, at Govanhill Baths



Oam at Govanhill Baths
Calder St, Glasgow
November 27th, 7pm
FREE, plus refreshments!

Ah’m fair awa tae be lenchin ma new pamphlet, “Oam”, fae Stewed Rhubarb Press, at Govanhill Baths on November 27th — n hit’d be grand gin ye’d come.

The pamphlet wis wrote as pairt o a residency wi Govanhill Baths Art and Regeneration Team (GBart), the art weeng o Govanhill Baths Community Trust. The Baths is a yinst n futur sweemin puil (n steamie n slipper baths n Turkish baths n mair), closed by Glesgae Ceety Cooncil in 2001, occupeed n fendit by a strang community campaign, n nou reappent as a community centre, suin tae be a sweemin complex agin.

Ah’ve been resident at the Baths for the past five months, jynin in wi n organisin community events, interviewin volunteers, doin a bit of imaginary sweemin, gettin tae ken Govanhill, n aw in aw havin a grand time wi an amazin place n amazin fowk. This wee beuk o poems in Scots is the ootcome o that time, n Ah’d luve tae shair hit wi ye.

Thare’ll be refreshments, by which Ah mean fuid n bevvy.

See ye thare!

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