The Drone Watches “It’s a Wonderful Life”


The Drone Watches “It’s a Wonderful Life”
a Christmas poem

She is fully prepared
for a quiet disgust

at her country’s zeal
for certain emotion,

and the opening scenes
tickle her cynicism:

she knows what it is
to be a watching angel. But

the story disarms her
as thoroughly as an electrical storm.

She falls in love
with Bailey’s smile

and with the earnest call
for co-operative finance.

She watches his family.
The drone’s microwave nut-roast

cools on her plate
and the topsoil blowing outside

could almost be mistaken
for snow.

* * *

(More poems about the drone can be found in Gutter 09, Neon 33, and Poems In Which 2. She sends you season’s greetings and holiday wishes and hopes the new year brings you everything it can.)

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