Dubious Work for Sale @ Auction Achtung!

Events, Politics, Theatre


The buyer will own the explosion. The buyer will take moral responsibility for the explosion. The buyer will gain ownership of all physical and emotional remnants of the explosion.

I’m very proud to have two live works for sale in AUCTION ACHTUNG!, an auction of live art running May 2014. Both works are about rage, failure, legality, and the desperate limitations of art and activism. AUCTION ACHTUNG! is all about what it means to own a moment, a performance, an action; I’m asking what the relationship is between ownership and moral responsibility, who the activist is in a commissioned action, and how far the buyer of art is willing to go.

The works for sale include the explosive act at the heart of I Want to Blow Up the Palace of Holyroodhouse (for art) and a new and dangerous work called SMASH.

The artist reserves the right to commit other aesthetically distinct acts of non-terrorism in the future.

(image credit, leithal music)

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