Oam reviewed at Sabotage


There’s a lovely review of my pamphlet Oam at Sabotage Reviews, from Richie McCaffrey, both kind to the poems and perceptive about their ideas:

Giles, then, is stealing back snippets of speech from the polyphony of voices that have been through the Govanhill baths over nearly a century. Similarly in ‘Blue ghaists’ the mists of oam mingle with these ghosts of Govanhill past and other poems such as ‘Nicht shift at the slipper baths’ elaborate the ritual of trying to let go and relax after work while still being in a prim and proper age. Giles is to be praised for the variety of his approach to these baths and writing about them, from a series of haikus, to a concrete poem which depicts in words the layout of the baths when full of people is worthy of Edwin Morgan.

You can buy the pamphlet directly from me or by popping into the Baths, and all proceeds go to

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