Funding a Ritual

A ceremony to commit a funding application to the gods and pray for its success.

Applicationese is a magic language and fundraising officers are its priests, supporting their organisations and providing a gateway to otherwise inaccessible pools of cash. By creating an open ritual for the submission of funding applications, this publication (and accompanying event) creates a new way to laugh and think about the processes, economics and absurdities of the funding process.

The ceremony is for community groups, cultural organisations, artists and charities who are submitting a funding application and need divine assistance. It is to be performed by a Celebrant and Congregation. A lay Celebrant may be drawn from the application team, or the artist, Harry Giles, is available to conduct rituals, and the Congregation may comprise the application team, colleagues, friends and family, and a supportive public.

Ceremonial material required: a bonfire, brazier, or large beeswax candle; a brass bowl; a printed copy of the funding application; required ingredients (see Evaluation); and water to extinguish the flames. Dress code: business casual.

The text and practice of the ritual are released under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Broadly, this means that you’re free to reproduce this text and perform this ritual, as long as you are not making a profit from it and credit the original author. We would welcome records and notifications of ceremonies performed using this text.

Download the ritual now (2MB pdf)

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