Casual Games for Casual Hikers



Play on a break, with hills or mountains on the horizon. That skyline tells the fate of a distant society: a house, a village, a nation, a planet, a galaxy. Climbs mean periods of change, considered by many to be progress, while drops mean famine, war, plague or disaster: gradient determines severity. Plateaus are times of peace and plenty. Work together to tell the story of the society, changing turns as the slope changes. Be detailed. Create characters, dynasties, lasting currents of social movements, possibilities. When the story is complete, walk on.

* * *

Casual Games for Casual Hikers is a book and map of things to do on a gentle walk: stories to tell, rules for kicking pebbles, ways to name mountains, maps to draw when you get home.

Written while resident in Outlandia, a little hut in the woods in Glen Nevis, Fort William. Written to be read and played by hikers and gamers of any level of experience, with the casual in mind.

Name your own price to download from on a Creative Commons license.

The limited edition print of the games is now sold out!

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