Six Pennies for Paradise


Six Pennies for Paradise is a quiet game about utopia. Players collect drawings of many paradises and, using simple materials and a gift economy, cover the walls in utopian imagination. You can download the rules and materials below, published freely under a Creative Commons license. The game can be played at festivals of all kinds, and also throughout your life: live illustrator Ed Grace and I are available to run the live version of the game (contact me for details).

You might run out of pennies, and that’s OK. Slow down, add any flourishes you need to your Paradise Board, and wear your badge with pride: someone will want to hear what you have to say. You can take your time finding other people’s Paradises too: if you don’t fill up the Board in the festival, keep wearing your badge and look out for utopians throughout your life.


Game Materials

The instructions and Paradise Board can be printed at home. The badge design can be ordered from any button badge supplier, and for pennies you can use real pennies or little blue plastic tokens. All materials will be supplied for events where we are hired to deliver the live version of the game.


This edition released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. That means you’re free to share, copy and adapt the work for any non-commercial purposes, as long as you credit the artists. You can print and play the game freely yourself, and you can run it yourself at any non-commercial event (i.e. one where no-one buys tickets). However, you may not run the game at commercial events, but you can hire us to run it for you!

R&D supported by Hat Fair, Theatre Royal Winchester, and the Without Walls
street arts consortium, curated and produced by Hannah Nicklin. Thanks to
Ed Key and David Ralf for their help in first developing the game concept. The first release and performance of the game was commisioned by Now Play This 2016, Somerset House.

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