14 Ways to Reread A Favourite Novel


14 Ways to Reread a Favourite Novel is a little zine about strange things to do with books. You can download it to read and print at home; here are some instructions on folding the zine into a booklet. If you make a few, try leaving them in libraries, bookshops, shelves, and other places where favourite novels are found.

It’s released under Creative Commons, so you’re absolutely free to print and distribute these anywhere without asking first, but it’s lovely to let me know what you’ve done with it if you can.


6. While rereading your favourite novel, whenever you encounter a direct instruction, whether in dialogue or narration, stop reading and complete that instruction to the best of your ability, before returning calmly to the text.


The zine was commissioned by Now Play This 2016, and is released freely here under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

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