What We Owe: the 2013 Report


Dear Stakeholder,

We are delighted to present the Annual Review for What We Owe, our highly unqualified debt counselling service. Offered this year at Chester Performs, Artsadmin, Forest Fringe and the New Theatre Institute of Latvia, What We Owe is an attempt to understand our many debts and make things better with colour-coded spreadsheets. This year:

  • 94 debtors were counselled
  • 582 debts were audited
  • 212 debts were actioned
  • 82 debts were forgiven
  • 409.8kg of CO2e were emitted in travelling
  • £279,900 of debt were forgiven (resulting in enormous negative financial impact)
  • £3.75 was the minimum earned by the artist per day
  • £100 was the maximum spent by a producer per debtor
  • and the modal debt monster was a large, angry manticore

Download the full report below for a comprehensive analysis of our social, environmental, financial, insubstantial and chimerical impacts! Harry Giles Debt Counsellor (unq.)


(the previous report and a performance video can be viewed here)

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